Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Well I'm slightly ashamed and disappointed, but I guess it couldn't be helped. I couldn't get a blog post out yesterday and I felt so bad about it once I realised. I feel like I've failed my challenge 10-fold.
Sigh, but never mind, yesterday was the funeral, it was a nice service for what it was.
The flowers were wonderful and the place was appropriate.

On a brighter note, I really want a food processor as I've found out the wonders of baking with one. It makes life so much easier, and with less things to clean! And the rate at which I can pump out cakes with it...well, it's amazing hehe.
Amazing Cake
I did want to get a picture before it was eaten, but yeah hehe, it was too scummy. It's not even the hardest recipe in the world.

8oz of Butter
8oz of Caster Sugar
8oz of Flour
4 medium Eggs
2 tsp of any flavouring you like (I like to use vanilla extract liquid)

And yeah, that's it. I use that for a base of most cakes or cupcakes I make, just a generic cake mix, which just happens to be very yummy too. It's hard to go wrong really.

So happy Tuesday and enjoy the rest of the day ♥

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