Monday, 3 January 2011

Blowing Smoke

So, I've been trying to get some college work done one day before I go back, this is not a good plan, I felt like I had all the time in the world last week but when it comes down to it I had hardly any at all.
It's only research work and I've done plenty of looking up people and I think I've chosen what I need to do for this unit but hm, the subject isn't the most inspiring in the world...

Recycling - Your future in your hands

Help. I'm trying to twist this into something enjoyable but I'm having a few clicks along the way. Never mind, hopefully once I get into it more I'll start to let the experimentation grow into something fantastic (And hopefully sell-able at the end of unit show)

So, into this theme I've gone down the route of Oil spills, cutting down forests, carbon footprint, water conservation and nature preserves/extinction. I'm trying to keep this as openly accessible to natural stuff as possible because I like those sorts of things, and I should be creating pieces that I like and enjoy doing right otherwise there's no heart in it. Or is this wrong?

Never mind, I'm sure I will be able to develop print more than textiles but I hope to develop them into something that clashes but in harmony, perhaps in colour or texture, etc. And all of this has to portray our rapidly changing world. Joy

Ah well, the books that are inspiring me so far, (and I recommend looking through for some really awesome work) are:

Beautiful prints
Inspirational footprint prints

There was this other book, but I can't remember it now, I'll upload a link back an image when I'm back at college and can find the book again, it's got a lot of interesting textiles in it.

But yes, that's how my life is going right now, work tomorrow, yay.....

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