Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Masks + past posts

So I applied for a short term job today, well that's a first step I guess. It's promoting a paper door to door but it has really good pay (£6+ an hour plus commission :D) minimum 20 hours a week so that's good :) Anyway, we have a mouse in the cupboard and it keeps raiding the biscuits and my cooking ingredients and for the last two nights we've left the door open on the cupboard so the cats can catch the mouse but there still hasn't been any small corpse about the house yet so....we'll just have to leave it open again and see.
I made some muffins the other day too, they were....strange hehe. Not sweet enough and I really shouldn't have added those nuts but never mind, I've learnt my lesson. They're nice enough though and with a cup of tea they're good. Just more savoury than anything. I'll start getting some images up with every post soon once my computers fixed, that's going in tomorrow and I may go into town to see if there's any jobs going in the shops there. I wouldn't mind working in some of the shops where I can see people every day and interact with people. I could never work in an office, too monotonous and just...bleh. Not for me. Hm. Talking to the mister about going on holiday with my dad and his other half down the the south coast of England where I used to go when I was little. Needed a lot of persuading but he came round so I'll tell dad to book it for 4 people and not 3. To be honest I can't wait even though it's a few months away and hopefully I'll have some decent money or/and work by then. Still, it's roughly 6 weeks till I can see my guy and it's killing me. Missing the cuddles and kisses and such else but I guess that's uni for you. We're both worrying about money and work at the moment and what we'll do for the future.
I'm going to start informing the school soon that I want to return in September and finish my course and I may go down a different route. And prepare myself properly. By then I hope to have learnt to drive and have passed so I don't have to worry about lifts anywhere. I just need to sort things out in my life slowly but surely.
My cousin is having his 30th birthday party this Saturday, it's so weird to think he's so old now heh. The theme is 70's 80's and 90's or something along those lines and I have nothing to wear. I may see if Dad and Steph want to go shopping during the day on Saturday to get outfits.
Ah well, coping and holding I guess.

P.s pictures soon :) and added some features and links to the side bar there on the right. 

I made some bread today :3 But I think the recipe was a bit too soggy so it didn't cook very well but it was still yummy x3 Shall have some toast with it in the morning. Haven't really got much else so heres some things about me :)

Well I've recently been looking at a certain blog on here called Pea Soup and thought I may just start one up myself and get myself to be a little more interesting while doing so. A new years resolution was to start a sort of journal [Tick :D] and now I guess I wouldn't mind doing this also. I also want to start making my own recipes up, or perhaps using others and adding my own touch so I can have some of those real motherly type of foods which my kids will remember (when I have kids eventually that is but it's never too soon to think about these things). I've just been inspired recently and I so i'm going on a sort of creative spurt which is never a bad thing and certainly not for me since I really should get back into my art. I feel like making a painting for my grandparents too, may start on that soon.
Yes I probably will use more typed face than necessary but I guess thats just the way I am :3 I'm said to express myself through my face an awful lot. Heh.
Snowing lightly again. Yet it's really thick up where my mister is. Typical really, as soon as I leave somewhere the snow comes. I wonder if it'll settle again here though, would be nice, I want to take some images of it, snow is lovely to take pictures of. The drive into the farm is flooding and my wellies don't fit :< So I had to lurk along the verge to get round it when I went to post a letter. On the way back I went into Nottcuts and had a look around at the gardening stuff, little animals, fish, pretty things and cakes. I had the intentions of going in for a new herb that I could put on the windowsill along with my parsley but got totally side tracked while finding a nice pot for it and ended up buying cat toys and a jam swill roll (Which was hard in the morning because someone left it uncovered ¬_¬) And on the way home I got caught in the beginning of a shower of rain so I got in a had a cup of tea with some cake while the cats enjoyed their new toys (one of which has already be lost/stashed away somewhere.) Managed to add a couple more recipes to my lists, one being a cauliflower soup I had at a friends and another being my best friends Swedish meatballs. So they got added along with a rather nice sounded tomato sauce to go with the meatballs. I feel like making bread now, don't think we have all the ingredients. I still don't like olives unfortunately. Scampi for dinner tonight :] ::I really must pick up my A1 folder from school.

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