Monday, 28 February 2011


I passed my assessment :)
Here is my final piece. And the plate which created it!
The print

The plate
The plate is so much better looking than the piece above hehe. Even though there are a couple of splodges, I can always window mount it, it print it up again. But I like the colours in this print the most, even if I did manage to miss a couple of marks. I would mind but I wiped everything a million times each print and it was only the very last palest print that came out completely clean! hehe Anyway, overall a good enough day :)


  1. okay, feeling a little silly and been meaning to ask this for a while: what is this medium called, and how does it work?

  2. It's a process of printmaking called Collagraph. Basically I start with some mount board (cheaper to use) and either cut into it or add something to it to make a relief board. I think the proper word for it is intaglio. This then becomes my printing plate.
    Once the image is how I want it, I seal the surface with Shellac, putting a few coats on. This will stop the plate being damaged by the ink and white spirit.
    The plate is then inked up by rubbing the ink into the plate quite hard, so it gets into all the gaps and layers of ink are built up so you can get a few prints from each inking up. Considering my project above it too nearly 2 hours to ink all of those plates up properly so only getting one print from them would be unconventional and a waste of time, also, usually the second of third print from an ink up comes out best.
    When ready to do the first print, you print on dry paper, this is because there is so much ink. Second print, the paper is dampened and then printed onto that to capture the ink and relief of the print better. And just just keep printing as long as theres enough ink to do so basically.
    It's a long process if it's done right it comes out really beautifully. As you need to wipe all the edges and clean all the registry boards (you don't always need a registry board thats to help line up multiple plats) surface to avoid smudging, it is a Long, laborious process but I love it hehe.
    Look up the work of Brenda Hartill, she was my main inspiration for my piece above, but her prints and inking up colours are so lovely I could just look at her work for hours ♥
    Hope that wasn't a too bad explaination hehe.

  3. Gotcha. Wow, that does sound intensive. You have to ink different parts of the plates in different colors too, I guess?


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