Saturday, 5 February 2011

Spoons to rings?

From these....
I came across this amazing idea recently and it really inspired me. What do you do with a bunch of old cutlery that you no longer use, or someone gave you many moons ago? Why, make them into jewellery of course :D
That's exactly what they did over at Milomade! The idea is fantastic and helps to recycle those things that may not have a use any more. But the outcome is what is truly amazing.

...To this!

Isn't it beautiful? I think the one above is my favourite. Go and check out the original post and marvel at how lovely those rings are. If only I could afford them I'd buy so many! The process in which they are made is brilliant too. You can purchase these rings at the Milomade Shop too, so go and find one for someone you like (or yourself of course ;])
Who'd have thought someone would think up such a great idea for old spoons?

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Thanks for the lovely feature on my rings. I love them too - the making process is great as it's so lovely to work with objects with such a history and it's nice to sit and wonder whilst making the rings, who used to stir their tea or coffee with them in bygone days...

  2. Thanks again for giving me something to write about :) I always love coming across unique interesting projects like this and they simply make me want to share and create.
    I feel like cutlery was made with more care in those days, they weren't only simple tools for eating but they were pieces of art in themselves.
    Thank you for the comment and taking the time to pop over, it's really appeciated :)
    - Holly ♥

  3. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
    A soup spoons is a type of spoon with a large or rounded bowl, used for eating soup.


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