Monday, 14 February 2011

L - O - V - E

Happy Valentines Day 
everyone  :)

I made a homemade card this year with the word Love Blind embossed on some card and a splash of watercolour over the top. Unfortunately the emboss kind of went away once I water coloured it - Note to self :- watercolour before blind embossing.

Anyway, he liked it, I think, I hope hehe. I got a little panda card, it's cute :3
I realised the other day that we tell each other "I love you" at least once a day, even when we've been arguing or something isn't going right. 

So I wish you all love for today, relax, don't get too hyped up on this commercial holiday and love each other and everyone every day no matter what.



  1. Happy Love Day to you too, Holly!

  2. Thank you! Happy belated Love day to you too :) ♥ Xx


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