Friday, 18 February 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

Woo - love doing these :D Head over to the little things we do to join in the fun!

1.   I am  a friend, a lover, a daughter, an only child, a student, an artist, fat & everything I want to be.

2.  The bravest thing I've ever done  pull myself partly out of depression and ring my school to go back and finish my education.

3.  I feel prettiest when  I've just got out of the shower and everything naturally falls into place. Hair, make up, clothing. It all goes very well and I've hardly had to think about it.

4.  Something that keeps me awake at night is   everything. I'm a terrible worrier

5.  My favorite meal in the entire world is   I don't have one as I like everything and try to keep an open mind about food so I'll enjoy it

6.  The way to my heart is    seeing past my outside image and genuinely wanting to know me.

7.  I would like to   be able to learn everything there is to know and actually remember it. My memory is terrible and I curse it every day!

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  1. I hope you do get over you depression! I understand how hard it is to live with. Also, I too am a horrible worrier and will sometimes need medication or Sleepytime Tea to fall asleep!


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