Monday, 3 August 2009


Because they actually look nice now hehe. I repotted a few today and gained a spider plant from one of my mums larger plants (I say large, it's actually massive but with lots and lots of lovely little flowers on it and such). We went to a car boot sale on Sunday and I got loads of stuff for a bargain again! The pot that the spider plant is in is new (it doesn't look as dirty as that it's because I'd just watered it and it's terracotta with glazed inside), got that for 20p, the white pot with the orchid, that was 50p I think. The holly pot was 50p and the tomato pot was £2.50 Amazing! hehe

New mini Spider Plant (Ignore the table lol)

One of my orchids with no flowers left :(

My small tree thingy hehe

My other orchid which I managed to snap off one of the stems -sigh- But hopefully it'll grow something out of it.

My Holly (hehe) in a pot I got from the car boot sale on Sunday for 50p!!

My strawberry plant which doesn't seem like it's doing too well at the moment I don't think it'll last much longer :(

My tomato plant! which is doing really well (and only about 6 inches tall when I bought it) other than a few issues with trying to get it to stay upright without any longer sticks lol Repotted it into that pot which was £2.50 at the car boot sale! I was doing well at that place. Did I mention I love car boot sales? Anyway...

This funny looking plant which I got from another pot and wanted to plant in this pot. and now it has babies! Yay and they tumble off of the big one (like the small one on the left) and plant themselves. It's so cute! Plus a couple of cheeky clovers that have planted themselves in there.

And just the Holly and strawberry and mums plant box down the bottom because I like the image hehe

Rob is here and I'm happy :)

How is everyone else?

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