Thursday, 2 June 2011


Today, I did many things which I wasn't supposed to do:

  • I read Black Beauty as part of my book challenge.
  • I tried Yoga.

Now, I was supposed to do some more college work but I felt like I needed to stop thinking about that for the time being and just have a day of whatever came to mind. Reading and yoga apparently heee.

So, Black Beauty. I was impressed. I'd had this misconception from when I was a child that it was a horsey story for horsey people who liked horses. Well, wrong. Obviously. But I've finally read it and I couldn't put it down. I started reading at about 10am and finished at 2pm. Lovely narration of the character and how his life unfolded and I was so glad to see a happy ending. I only wish I'd read it sooner to be honest.

Yoga! Well, myself and a friend were talking about trying it out together last night, so spurred on my that conversation I thought I would try out some yoga, just to get a feel for it and see if my body could bend in those ways (considering I'm overweight and have a belly to compensate for hehe). It turned out well, I tried three 10 minute long beginner sessions from youtube and with only a couple of things I couldn't completely do, I guess I time (and if my stomach goes away lol) I'll be able to do them completely, but despite that I was sweating and felt like I'd made some progress. Whats more, it doesn't feel like it's hard work, it's relaxing and doesn't seem as daunting as say a jog or going on an exercise bike. I think, maybe, that is the key to my losing weight. I need it to feel like an everyday part of my life in order to incorporate it. It needs to relax in me at the same time as being useful as I already have enough stress in my life, I do not need the added pressure of "Oh god, I've got to pound my heart out on an exercise bike for 20 mins" or something along those lines. After the yoga I felt ready for more, and I'm looking forward to incorporating it into my day tomorrow. I'm just hoping now that it'll work and I'll gradually get better.

So, toodle pip guys, have fun and try yoga too! Woo!


  1. Hooray! I'm planning on starting some yoga too. It was an impulse decision and I've just been looking into some local places near or on my university and I'm really excited.

  2. Woo! Do so! Although I can't afford the lessons, I'm just going off some youtube videos. I tend to go through three of them, two separate beinner ones and this seated one that's really good. I'd recommended trying youtube first before commiting to buying anything. Just take your time and don't be afraid to pause the video as they tend to go a little fast, I found. But I guess the pace is fine once you've been doing yoga for long enough :)
    Although now, after a couple of days of doing it I've pulled some muscles and as much as I want to keep doing the yoga, I've heard it defeats the point of the practice if you hurt yourself further, so I may just do some leg and arm stretches as it's my lower back and stomach that I've overworked (Well, it's not used to the work out AT ALL, so I'm not surprised)
    But good luck with it! Let me know how you get on :D


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