Friday, 3 June 2011


I am loving the Union Jack right now. I have no idea why, I mean I know I am English - British, but I've never really felt much towards the flag. Maybe I'm just getting a bit more patriotic as I get older haha.
But yeah, I have a:
Union Jack phone cover.
How British is this? Lol
Two union jack mugs

A small round union jack pillow in my car that reads "Where there is Tea, there is hope" that I got from Robert for Christmas. I want just about EVERYTHING that Past Times has to do with the union jack, and just about everything else in that shop actually. It's all wonderfully vintage and retro.
And if I had enough money I'd have bought two union jack rugs that I saw for £7.99 each in a shop. Crazy.

Ah well, are you loving on your country recently? ♥

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