Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lets talk about...

The world ending today people...
Really? This american guy predicts (no less than 3 times) that the world is going to end and yet, after the last couple of times it didn't end, you would have thought people wouldn't take it seriously still. For the past year or so, maybe year and a half, and at least since we hit 2010, there has been an inundated amount of naff about the world ending. Isn't this a lovely thing to keep popping up at the moment. Because the economic crisis, or the state some countries are in from poverty, or the natural disasters in other countries aren't enough bad news at the moment, lets get the whole world going with "Yeah, you better watch out, the worlds going to end. You might as well give up on life now while we have a small amount of time left!"

Spewing all of this, it's just so unnecessary. Can we have some nice news please? Something heartwarming, or hopeful, perhaps about spring or where someone has helped someone else, or even where a breakthrough has happened.

OH. talking of breakthroughs. Did you know Canada has found a cure for cancer? Yep. The one shred of good news and there isn't much coverage on it. Why? Because the pharacutical companies won't fund it because if they do they will lose literally billions because the cure isn't anything fancy, it's just a pill to boost something your body already naturally produces. So brilliant eh? Just because companies will lose money, millions of people will still die of this completely horrid disease.

Urgh, this world....I'm completely disgusted.

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