Friday, 6 May 2011

Done & Done

It puts twinkles on my walls :)
Oh hey~
So I'm getting to the end of college. We only have something like five weeks left. Stress, stress, stress!
The sun has been shining non-stop. I didn't think I'd want a storm to come so badly or for at least one rainy day, just to watch the water fall continuously and hear the sounds. We really have had sun for the whole of April....but isn't it supposed to be April showers? Hm~
I've had three books on the go, Alice in wonderland, Treasure Island, Labyrinth (by Kate Moss) and Grimm's fairy tales. Ok well that's four I guess, but the fairy tales I'm just reading when I'm bored or feel like a change.
Alice in Wonderland...What can I say other than "what the..." I mean I'd heard that it was a bit crazy but seriously? At some stages I found it a bit of a challenge to read as it was so confusing, but I trucked on. It was rather brilliant actually, in a whimsical, peculiar kind of way (well certainly, a bloke who did acid while writing it kind of way, anyway...) I found it lovely, and a trip back into an imagination of a child! So that's another crossed off my list.
I wish I could say the same about Treasure island, I'm finding it hard to reach the end as I'm just not getting into it. I keep putting it down, and trying to come back to it,'s just, not, that, good? That can't be the right words. But I'll see, I'm determined to finish it.
As for Labyrinth, I've just started it, I'm not really feeling the jump-y-ness in the way Kate Moss writes, that's a little bit annoying as the flow of the story is interrupted by this sudden change of narration, Other than that though, it seems like a compelling story! I shall get back on that one as I'm barely 7 chapters in.

-Does a dance to bring the rain!-

Toodles! ♥

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