Tuesday, 12 April 2011


It's a shame about the light reflection on the glass
Well, yesterday was the exhibition opening...:D
Unfortunately it wasn't organised well. It could have been so much more exciting and interesting but never mind. My work is now up in our town hall for a week and bidding is taking place all week. I really wonder if I'll get any bids.

This is my piece, I didn't get a straight on image as this suggests, I've edited this so it looks normal again as there was a window right behind my work, not smart placing on the head tutors part but can't do much about it now. Underneath is my little bit of writing that you see along with the work. I'll paste I here hehe.

Holly Morris
Seven Plate Collagraph Print with added textiles

How often do we think about what's beneath us? Do we see it as a disposal centre, treasure hunt, a fuel resource or something to be marvelled at? Can you honestly say that you think about this on a daily basis? I sought to try and portray what was beneath us in the form of a collagraph print which was then worked upon with textiles. With each layer and process, I could contemplate it's reality, longevity and life of our world. If we are going to carry on, on this planet, we need to acknowledge the unseen, respect it for it's power over us, and what we'd do if we didn't have it any more. This is the land and earth that feeds us. We keep abusing our world with all sorts of destructive actions, it is not enough to stop at the surface. We dig deep, deep as we can go, to seek out resources or to bury our waste.
Sooner or later the world will reject all of this.
Sooner or later we need to stop.

I hope, that through trying to portray what lies beneath us, we can see that it isn't just a chunk of rock. It is beautiful. It is powerful. It's to be cherished, for it is far wiser and alive than we'll ever be in our tiny lifetimes.

It's our future in our hands.

They muffed up the placement of words on my little square, I specifically wanted the first set of bold writing where it was so it flowed, but again that was changed without my input. I wish they wouldn't do that. It may be my first exhibition but seriously, I know how I want things...

ANYWAY apart from that lol, I'm happy, exciting, apprehensive and just thankful that my work got chosen and the chance to exhibit. It's an amazing opportunity that I didn't think I would have and words can't express how I feel about the matter.
I'll be invigilating on Saturday which I think is the last day of the exhibit, so I'll get to see what's happening and how the week has gone ☺

So, until we meet again!
Toodle-loo ♥

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