Tuesday, 30 June 2009


So I'm back at school, and oddly enjoying it, compared to before where I really just couldn't be bothered with it and only went at certain times because I had to. But now. Now I actually want to go into school, do my work, get good grades. But after this year it's a bit of a blur, I don't know how I'm going to stand on the uni front or looking for a place, or making money/career for myself. So at the moment I'm just centering on now, and what's happening.

My driving test is getting booked for the beginning of august and hopefully I shall pass at the beginning of august too. I have noticed myself getting better over the months, lets just hope it pays off. My goal was to pass before September and I am determined to do it. The only set back is that I have no other practise except on my driving lessons, so I may need to book a few more closer to the time. To think it mayonly be in about a month or so and I may actually pass. Luckily I took my theory before they jacked up the price of it to about £50, it's ridiculous. Talk about milking money out of people during hard times. I guess everyone will just be waiting longer to take driving lessons and tests and opting more for public transport.

My vegetables are coming along nicely, and I have a few small green tomatoes coming up on a vine on my plant. I have around 5 more vines popping up now too with lots of little yellow flowers on them. Hopefully I'll get a good few and I'll be able to give a couple o vines out to people. I'm not sure when I should be pulling up my carrots but I think it may be soon enough, give it a couple more weeks and I've been picking a strawberry every few days off my strawberry plant. So all is good on the botanic route. I haven't tried much on the cooking front though been doing a couple of bits of baking and made some muffins the other day which are super yummy. There's also a job lot of plant pots on eBay that I hope to win and collect soon enough. They're all sorts, shapes and sizes and would definitely do with a good home, my home :3

So that's all I guess, I need to learn a few more skills and crafts I think and I can't wait for the blackberries to come out. x3

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